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Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Size Chart

(Synthetic gemstones for cubic zirconia Wholesale , lab created sapphire, ruby and spinel)

Cubiczirconia Wholesale Gems wholesale synthetic gemstones from China, offering quite variety of sizes for our synthetic gemstones. Please check the following size chart for your reference. However, the following show just part of our commonly used sizes for synthetic gemstones, need more special sizes for your loose gemstones like cubic zirconia Wholesale synthetic gemstones, lab created sapphires synthetic gemstones, ruby synthetic gemstones and spinel synthetic gemstones, please feel free to contact us.

1.1mm               1.20mm            1.25mm            1.30mm            1.35mm           1.40mm 
1.45mm             1.50mm            1.65mm            1.75mm            1.85mm           2.00mm
2.15mm             2.25mm            2.35mm            2.45mm            2.50mm           2.65mm
2.75mm             2.85mm            3.00mm            3.25mm            3.50mm            3.75mm
4.00mm             4.25mm            4.50mm            4.75mm            5.00mm            5.25mm
5.50mm             5.75mm            6.00mm            6.50mm             7.00mm           7.50mm
8.00mm             8.50mm            9.00mm            9.50mm             10.00mm         11.00mm
12.00mm          13.00mm          14.00mm          15.00mm          16.00mm         17.00mm
18.00mm         19.00mm           20.00mm

22mm          2.52.5mm          33mm             3.53.5mm        44mm          55mm
66mm          77mm                 88mm             99mm              1010mm      1111mm
1212mm     1313mm            1414mm         1515mm          1616mm      1717mm
1818mm     1919mm            2020mm

Oval & pear
35mm           46mm                57mm              68mm              79mm           810mm
911mm        1012mm           1014mm          1216mm          1318mm      1520mm

24mm           2.55mm             36mm             3.57mm           48mm            510mm
612mm         714mm              820mm           724mm            618mm         712mm

Baguette & octagon
24mm          2.55mm              35mm             36mm               46mm            48mm
57mm          68mm                  79mm             810mm            911mm          820mm
520mm       1012mm             1014mm         1016mm          1216mm        1318mm
1520mm     1622mm             1220mm         1522mm          1620mm        916mm

Heart & triangle
33mm         44mm                 55mm               66mm               77mm             88mm
99mm         1010mm            1111mm          1212mm           1313mm        1414mm
1515mm     1616mm            1717mm          1818mm          1919mm         2020mm

Beads & balls
3.00mm           4.00mm               5.00mm              6.00mm            7.00mm            8.00mm         
9.00mm           10.00mm             11.00mm           12.00mm

55mm             66mm                77mm             88mm             1010mm          1212mm

The above showed just part of our commonly used sizes for synthetic&
Cubic Zirconia Wholesale gemstones, need more special sizes, please contact sales@cubiczirconiawholesale.net



For any inquiry please contact us: sales@cubiczirconiawholesale.net.
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