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Colors of Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia Wholesale is well known as a best substitute of man-made diamonds, due to its high hardness and great fire. In recent years, cubic zirconia Wholesale has established itself as a gorgeous gemstones in it's own right. Cubic Zirconia Wholesale is a beautiful man-made diamonds that is durable and inexpensive and now even comes in any color of the rainbow, making it even more desirable. Sayue gems produce and wholesale cubic zirconia Wholesale  from China since 1999, and have quite a collection of colors available for our loose cubic zirconia Wholesale, such as white cubic zirconia Wholesale, green cubic zirconia Wholesale, lavender cubic zirconia Wholesale, amethyst cubic zirconia Wholesale, violet cubic zirconia Wholesale, pink cubic zirconia Wholesale, peridot cubic zirconia, garnet, black cubic zirconia, champagne cubic zirconia, blue cubic zirconia Wholesale, brown cubic zirconia, tourmaline cubic zirconia, rhodolite cubic zirconia Wholesale etc., in quality of A, AA, AAA, great for creating your favorite cubic zirconia Wholesale jewelry pieces, such as cubic zirconia Wholesale rings, bracelets, necklaces, fulfill your great idea of unique jewelry.

The following show just part of our commonly used colors, need more special colors for your loose man-made diamonds, please feel free to contact us and we offer the best wholesale cubic zirconia
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              white cubic zirconia                        pink cubic zirconia                        lavender cubic zirconia                     medium golden cubic zirconia
white                                 pink                               lavender                   medium golden        

               dark golden cubic zirconia                        orange cubic zirconia                        garnet cubic zirconia                      medium amethyst cubic zirconia
              dark golden                        orange                              garnet                  medium amethyst

                purple cubic zirconia                        dark amethyst cubic zirconia                        olive peridot cubic zirconia                     peridot cubic zirconia
                  purple                         dark amethyst                   olive peridot                      peridot

               black cubic zirconia                         medium champagne cubic zirconia                            dark champagne cubic zirconia                     apple green cubic zirconia
black                 medium champagne           dark champagne            apple green

                sea blue cubic zirconia                         green cubic zirconia                           coffee brown cubic zirconia                    
sea blue                            green                            coffee brown                    


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