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Cubic zirconia  manufacturer and  wholesaler

Please  find our cubic zirconia wholesale prices in below.

Cubic zirconia wholesale supplier and manufacturer of quality cubic zirconia stones, CZ loose and Synthetic Gemstones of all colors and shapes in our own gem cutting factory in china and Bangkok, Thailand and sell at wholesale prices. We have been in this business since 1975, over 35 years' experience. We will give special discount for bulk quantity order of any color shapes and sizes.

We are the manufacturer of Cubic Zirconia at Wholesale Factory price. we sell loose gemstones which produced from China. we specialize in all types of synthetic gemstones and Cubic Zirconia in all colors and shapes and sell at Wholesale Factory price. Cubic zirconia isalso known as cz, zirconia and man made diamonds, the best substitute of natural diamonds. We are also manufacturer of lab created ruby and sapphire, and spinel gemstones, with more than 100 shape of your options.

We can supply all other standard and special shape. Most of our standard shape and sizes are listed below. If you are interested for wholesale cubic zirconia price list for the following shapes, please send us email to:


FANCY CUT Fancy Shape


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As we are the direct factory sources for cubic zirconia, we sell at wholesale price of high quality cubic zirconia stones and lab created ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. We sell all grade such as AA, AAA, Machine and Star cut at most  cheapest  prices in the world. Buy with confidence from Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Factory. We also sell all types of gem stones including lab gems.


Cubic Zirconia and Lab created gems color chart:
Lab created sapphires, lab created ruby, spinel etc.

Special c
ut chart:
Hearts and arrows, concave cut, Millennium cut etc
Normal cut chart:
Round brilliant cut series, Princess cut series, Oval cut series, Marquise cut series, Emerald cut series, Pear cut series, Heart cut series, Trillion cut series, Fancy cuts series
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Cubic zirconia Wholesale Factory Gems produce and wholesale Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Factory European machine cut, Korea machine cut and hand cut from China. Lab created gemstones factory, your place where to buy lab created gemstones best prices of lab created sapphires, high quality cz stones, lab created ruby and spinel gemstones. Our pricing is borne of the philosophy "A BETTER PRODUCTS FOR LESS". The secret is engineering perfection and most efficient work. So costs for our high quality Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Factory beads (cz beads) are incredible lower.

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to review our website. Welcome to loose gemstones world, loose cz stones, loose sapphires, loose ruby, loose spinel, loose cz crystal beads......

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